LORCH X350 ControlPro
LOR 11635101

The smallest, toughest 350Amp inverter arc welder in the NZ market, and probably the world, today.

Compact size and weight (18.6kg) for portability, designed for harsh environments and exceeds the standards needed for professional performance.

Extremely powerful, with optimized performance for rutile and basic electrodes up to 8mm, and cellulosic up to 6mm.

MicorUp - Special function for vertical seam welding - no weaving required, just straight up at consistent speed.

 LORCH's MicroBoost technology stores voltage and power to deliver exceptional starting and arc control, this ensures a smooth and stable arc with up to 200m of cables!

LORCH MicorStick 160
LOR 11116250

Compact, robust, and powerful arc welding inverter for perfect electrode welding.

Light, at under 5 kg, and protected if dropped from heights of up to 80cm.

Ideal for demanding site jobs, LORCH's MicroBoost technology puts this little welder well ahead of the international pack!


New in 2016, the latest in the CIGWELD WeldSkill range adds to inverter technology in the DIY market.

Inverters are smaller, lighter, more efficent and cheaper to run.


The Migomag Flashgun would have to be the home handyman's dream machine because it turns arc welding into a power tool!

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